At Blue Tactical we work with our customers to fully understand their requirements and objectives. Our focus on your requirements is unique and because we are not tied to one brand or specific technology we can help you develop solutions that are mission effective, operationally responsive, and resource efficient.


Requirements Based Planning

Our experts will work with you to understand your mission objectives, strategic priorities, and the operating environment. Ā Once we have a detailed understanding of these factors we will help you to define key system attributes and develop requirements documents that will drive the rest acquisition process.

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Sourcing and Procurement

At Blue Tactical, we have strong direct relationships with the manufacturers of everything that we sell. Our products are made to order and designed to meet your exact requirements. Ā Because we work directly with manufacturers, you are guaranteed the lowest price and highest quality products.

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Licensing, Customs, and Shipping

Each project requires a unique plan to ensure proper licensing, customs, and shipping support. Ā Our team has established relationships with key agencies at each level of the process. Ā From ITAR compliance and export control documents to clearing customs and import inspections - our team ensures your goods arrive on time and ready for operations.

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Life Cycle Support

Blue Tactical's full life cycle support includes integration, training, sustainment and upgrade. Ā The process ensures that the equipment meets the set reliability, usability, maintainability and safety requirements, and it can be used to anticipate operation and maintenance costs.

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