As the drone technology develops at an ever-increasing pace, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are a growing menace to public safety, personal/corporate privacy, and national security. In response to this threat, counter UAS systems have become common. From the DoD to municipal governments, and key infrastructure to sport arenas, CUAS systems are now part of of our security lexicon. But even the most advanced CUAS system requires a detailed understanding of the threat, qualified operators, and a valid plan to maintain currency. Blue Tactical is the right partner to support your CUAS enterprise.​

We leverage the DoD’s proven Intelligence Preparation of theBattlespace (IPB) methodology to better develop a detailedunderstanding of the operating environment, how that environment willimpact threat UAS operations, and likely courses of action for threatoperators. As part of the process, we plan, fly, and debrief threat missions every day. This allows us to not only think like an adversary, but also use Artificial Intelligence tools to develop new tactics and techniques that provide more realism and fidelity to our training, vulnerability assessments, and threat replication. Our fleet includes a range of rotary and fixed-wing platforms as well as other threat replication tools that usto provide unparallel training and realistic challenges for your CUAS team. ​

Vulnerability Assessments​

Threat Replication​

Operator Training

Test and Calibration

Post Incident Forensics

The Blue Tactical Team stands ready to provide realistic, live Threat Replication to support operator upgrades, readiness exercises and large response exercises.